Sunday, April 21, 2013

Second Engine Test

After installing a larger diameter fuel line and a slightly smaller propeller, a second engine test was performed. Max revs reached was about 7900rpm.

As expected the O.S. engine started no problem, and held a good idle. Max revs however, were harder to achieve. I am hoping that as the engine and fuel pump break-in, the revs will climb, allowing it to reach maximum power.

After taxing for a couple of runs, the tail wheel broke off and will require soldering. In constructing the tail wheel, I had epoxied a brass tube to a brass plate,  while the plans called for soldering it. I should have followed the plans, as the soldered joint would have been much stronger and probably would not have failed.

Once the tail wheel has been repaired the Typhoon is ready for flight. The engine is transitioning nicely between low revs and high and the idle is reliable and low, giving me confidence that there will be little chance of an engine stall on the maiden.

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  1. Fix that wheel so we can see it fly! It looks great!!