Hanger 9 - Pulse 60

A new ply former to replace the cracked and splintered one.

Fuselage cleared out ready for the new former.

Had a rough landing yesterday. Due to the sun I had to come in with the wind and ran out of runway. Damaged the fuselage as the undercarriage took out all the speed in some long grass. (Luckily missing a jersey barrier by about seven feet.)

Repairs underway!

New Years Day 2013

In preparation for New Years Day:

Current weather forecast:
Temp: 33 degrees High 
15 degrees Low
Wind WNW at 6mph

Time to test the skis!

This is the Hanger 9 Pulse 60. It is my testing plane.

I took a hiatus from Radio Control flying for about 16 years. As the typhoon was taking taking shape many recommended that I purchase a trainer so that I could dust of my flying skills.

It was good advice, as it was like learning to fly from scratch!

First Flight!


  1. Love the on board camera shots - fantastic!

  2. We love the New Year's Day flight. Brilliant. Also love the on board camera shots and the 360 spin!

  3. Congratulations! A super flight and the double onboard and outboard camera shots were wonderful. Good to see PA in the snow (though it looked much like anywhere else in the snow!).Pilot skills look pretty smooth too.

    Michael Hayes