Windex Glider - Camera Platform

Started on the Windex construction. Carved a little space out in my work area and set up the building board. Wings first - Feels very delicate after the big Typhoon.

Laser Cutting after CADing the plans:

                                                             That saved a lot of time!

I am starting a new project as the Typhoon is nearing completion. (Really just waiting for spring so I can do the maiden).

I am hoping to use the windex glider design by Nick Ziroli that was featured in 'Model Airplane news' a few years ago.

The wing span is 72"
Wing area 395 Sq.In
Length 34"
Weight 22 - 25 OZ.
Power - To Be Determined

There are many planes used as camera platforms that you can buy off the shelf of very good quality. However this site is about building and being truly part of the project. The only way I can really know and understand a plane is by building. 

I would like to say the performance is better from a well crafted personally built aircraft as apposed to a store bought foamy. This is yet to be proven!


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